Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spencer Family Update...its gonna be a long one!

Well, in true ME form, I've procrastinated updating my blog. So for all those fanatic blog stalkers out there(if anyone even follows mine, lol) I hope you'll accept my apology in the form of an extended update, pictures and all.

Let's start with Easter. This year's Easter was a first for the Spencer's because we had a 'kid' living with us that was excited for the holiday. Any by 'kid' I mean my sister, who's not a kid but still gets excited like one. So, Kirk and I decided it would be fun to give her a full easter egg hunt, basket and all! Kirk did a pretty good job hiding them and she eventually found them all. It was fun to watch, like watching a kid in a candy store!

Moving on...the triathalon. I know I said after the last one that I wouldn't do it again but...I lied. I guess I need the motivation. I did a couple things differently this time starting with my training schedule. I didn't train near as much as I did last time which I was a little nervous about. Also there were a couple of pre-race things I didn't do, which aren't really that important. Overall though, I think I did pretty darn good. I improved my time by 30 minutes and I ran the whole time! Here are some token pictures taken by my loving hubby and supportive sister!

Kirk's birthday was also in the mix of the events but I don't have any picture from the night out at Joe's or the party we had. Man, I'm a bad wife! Anyways, here's to you 30 year old hubby!!! Happy birthday!!!

Next on the list is VEGAS!!! Yep, Vegas baby! Sometimes working at a salon really pays off...ok, working at a salon usually always pays off in some form or another! Five of us from the salon were able to attend the annual Las Vegas hair show. My friend Audrey and I drove while everyone else flew. We went last minute so driving was the cheaper solution. The drive was AWESOME!! Audrey and I laughed so hard we were crying! Best road trip ever!! Among the cool things to see at the show, the two highlights were a dance party cutting show, put on by Farouk Systems (the people that make Chi) and demos of a new treatment called Brazilian Blowout, which I got to be a model for. Now, I know what you're thinking and you're wrong. The Brazilian Blowout is a non-chemical hair de-frizzer and curl relaxer that will last up to 14 weeks. It is amazing! I can blow dry my hair in 10 minutes without having to use a flat iron! It's crazy, I have straight hair now!!! Oh ya, and we got to meet Nick Arroyo from What Not To Wear! It was awesome!

Last but certainly not least, Kirk and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary! Wow, I can't believe we've been married that long! It seems like just yesterday that I met my best friend and fell in love. I feel truly blessed to have found the perfect man for me and that we get to be together for eternity. He is such a great man and love him SO much! I can't imagine my life without him! We celebrated this year by going to the Gila River Temple open house in Thatcher, AZ. Its a pretty short drive (3 or so hours) from our house but we decided to stay overnight. Going to the temple is an amazing thing. It's really neat to be able to see it before it gets dedicated. And of course for others, whether young children or non members who don't have recommends its a cool experience. It was a great way to remember what makes our marriage so special and sacred. Happy Anniversary Kirk!

So that's it, for now at least. I'm busy with my fellow YW leaders getting ready for girls camp. It's coming up in a month so the countdown has begun! In my other spare time (which is not frequent) I've been trying to go to Zumba class, my new obsession. If you need a change in your workout routine, just try it, you'll get hooked too. I've also been trying to be a good adopted auntie to Crew, Melissa & Charlie's new little one. I keep calling him 'my baby' in front of Ava one of their other kids, who I've already dubbed my baby. I think its confusing her because the other day I said 'where's my baby' to Melissa, looking for Crew and Ava turned around and looked up at me and said 'I'm right here, mommy!' (she calls me mom too). After having a talk with her, we decided that she is my baby and Crew is her baby so I'm Crew's grandma. Awe, the joys of being an adoptive auntie and mommy! It's fun!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

And the award goes to.....

ME! For being the worst blogger in the world!!! Ha ha! I've been really behind lately so now, after being home for two weeks, I'll tell you about our trip to New York. Kirk and I have been to NYC a couple times before but this time we went with our good friends Crystal and TJ. We met them at the airport in Hartford where Kirk's mom picked us up. We spent the night at their house and then headed up via train the next day to the city. We spent 4 awesome nights in the city. Of course to save money, we all shared a hotel room we found right in the heart of China Town. Even though the surroundings were interesting to say the least, the hotel was nice.

We did alot of walking! We ended up getting a city pass which included several of the most popular tourist sites, all of which, Kirk and I hadn't seen yet. Some of the things we did were museums, time square, island boat tour, central park, china town, little Italy, Rockafeller Center, Empire State Building and traveling the subway. I can't really say why I love the subway, but I do! Kirk's parents met us on Saturday, our last day in the city to go see Mary Poppins. It was so cool, even though I'd seen it already.

Back in Connecticut, Kirk and I spent some one on one time with his parents. We shopped, went to our favorite little diner and Kirk even found a new brand of root beer he hadn't tried. We love going back east, not only to visit the sights, but to spend time with his family. I hope you'll enjoy our pictures and if you have any questions of what they are, just ask. (I'm too lazy to tag them all, lol!)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Texas Trip

Well, we're back from Texas now. It was a long but fun trip. We visited tons of family and friends. Here's what we did in a nutshell:

Monday - We started the project at my parents house of tearing out the old linolium and replacing it with tile.

Tuesday - We continued the project...this happened every day actually. At night, we hung out with some friends and played Band Hero. It was awesome!

Wednesday - Alan came home!! We woke up early, early in the morning to meet him at the airport. We got there right when his flight got in but still had to wait for another 45 minutes or so because he had to go through customs. We spent the whole day hanging out with him and eating alfajores, a fun treat from Argentina.

Thursday - More hanging out with friends and working on the family project

Friday - My Grandpa came, which was awesome! We went out to dinner for my mom's birthday and Alan's homecoming.

Saturday - We had lunch with some friends, played Rock Band, had dinner with the family, Kirk had a jam session with some old friends and then we went ice skating.

Sunday - Alan spoke in church, we had dinner and then spent the rest of the day with family.

I think that was pretty much it. We did alot in this short week. We had a fun time and hope we can go back soon. I did have a realization this week: I live in a bubble. Seriously, all my friends live within 1 mile of my house and everything is so close. Man have I got it made! Anyways, enjoy the pictures. I didn't feel like labeling them, lol!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Texas weather

Well, we're still in Texas but I just had to say how much I love this weather! First because my allergies and asthma cleared up and I'm breathing so well! And secondly because I love how unpredictable it is. No one ever listens to t.e weather men cause they're never right. Today, we had a huge thunderstorm then when we got out of church it was sunny and felt like 80 degrees and now it's drizzle rain and It's only 3:30. What will we get next? Snow? Tornado? I can't wait to see!

When I get home, I'll post pictures and stories of our week here. It has been fun and very exhausting!